The Newly Found Importance in Men Fashion


As you’ve certainly seen by now, more and more men are following the fashion trends. They discover new things every day, new trends to be followed and everything evolves much simpler now that they have access to so much information.

There are new types of men on the street, and the fashion has evolved from a metrosexual – the former representative of fashion-men, to the lumbersexual – the men who is groomed to a pristine aspect, but has a beard and everything that goes with it, giving off an almost savage aspect.

It’s not a wonder that women turn their head as they see some of them go by – they are perfectly styles with beautiful clothes and great accessories, but they are also groomed to perfection – not only do the fix their beards, but they also fix their eyebrows or even dye them.

The Clothes

Living in a world where the statute is given by the aspect, more and more men have realized that in order to be successful in both their personal and professional lives, they need to wear adequate clothes. This being said, you will see more suits in the middle of the day, not just in the office, but also on the street. Men have started using brighter colors, quitting the white crisp shirt, and replacing it with something more vivid and colorful.

It took the fashion designers for men years to teach them that it’s not a problem to wear colors on an every-day basis – it’s not just relaxing, but it is improving their image and their self esteem.

The Hair

Everyone has seen men who have perfectly groomed hair – for women it’s still a wonder how they can wake up in the morning and look so perfect without spending so much time. Apart from the genes that gave them a quality hair, they also have a hairstylist who knows what to do and how to cut their hair to look perfect.

However, there’s no general rule for having your hair cut as a man, but what goes by is that you need to have the haircut that suits your facial features. As you can’t have than unless you go to a hairstylist, it’s easy to understStyling+&+Groomingand that those men who look perfectly groomed are visiting one on a constant basis.

Beauty Products

Speaking of grooming, there’s also an increasing trend in buying special beauty products for men. It’s been noticed that famous cosmetic brands for women have also launched special products dedicated for men grooming. You can see a cream here and there, a special facial gel in another place and so on.

Apart from this, there are also special products for men hair – you can find now in stores hair foam dedicated only for men, not to mention the classical styling gel than many have already used at least once in their life.

The Grooming

Generally speaking, those men who want to look good, will follow the trends in fashion up to a certain level. However, those who do have the money to afford, will transform grooming into a real process – it’s not just about getting the right designer clothes, but it’s also about going to the perfect hairstylist, using the best hair products, along with other beauty items that were reserved to women up until some time ago.

Don’t imagine that things will remain this way – men will continue to evolve and the fashion industry will 16also do this. As they have their own grooming products right now, we can expect an increase in the demand for more and more products, not just for hair or for clothes, but also for other types of beauty products.

Cosmetic surgery has also been discovered by men, but not many use this for their advantage. However, what we see them constantly use is the clothes – they dress to impress, along with the hairstyle, the perfume and the attitude that goes with all of these.